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  • Adhesives for magnets

    A permanent magnet rotor is an important component within a Brushless motor/generator, but how can we be sure it is performing, assembled efficiently and able to withstand the mechanical stresses it will undergo during use? We answer the first question in our lab, which guarantees the quality of the supplied magnets, but also verifies the

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  • How does the RADOX cable radiation cross-linking process occur?

    Since they are subjected to high pressure and high temperatures, electric motor components require special features. In this article, we explore one of the processes that guarantees the resistance and stability of RADOX cables: the radiation cross-linking process. Isolation of RADOX cables Does not melt, even if subjected to high temperatures, such as when in

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  • UL certification for our heaters

    From now on, all our space heaters are UL-approved! UL is synonymous with safety and quality, and our heaters meet the strictest performance and reliability requirements. The characteristics of our heaters are as follows: Temperature range -60°C / + 200°C Dielectric strength 2.5 kV / 10s FEP UL 1330 AWG 20 (200°C / 600V) leads

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  • Pedrollo News: They’re writing about us

    The presentation on our company in Pedrollo News No. 2 filled us with great satisfaction and pride!   We always aim to discover and understand the needs of our customers, to offer them innovative solutions that are functional to technological progress demands. Pedrollo S.p.a. represents excellence in our industry, based on innovation and the constant

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  • Electric evolution: the new Miotti website

    Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard on creating a tool that could be useful, obviously, and to create value for our customers. We are therefore proud to present our website and new image. Every day, we support the technological advancement of our customers by offering innovative solutions for the success of their

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