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From 1,6 to 7,5 A

Bimetal temperature limiters from 1.6 A to 7.5 A

Series 01 (normally closed contact)

The mobile contact (1) is pressed against the silver insert in the upper housing (3) by the spring disc (2). The bimetal disc (4) is free to move as the temperature increases, without it altering the pressure applied by the spring disc on the contact.
When the nominal switching temperature is reached, the bimetal disc springs back from the convex position to the concave position, overcoming the force of the spring disc and causing the contact to open immediately.

Series 02 (normally open contact)

Similar to series 01, but in this case the contact is normally open and therefore closes at the nominal switching temperature.

Limitatori di temperatura bimetallici da 1,6 fino a 7,5 A


  • SZ1 with additional resistance, current sensitive

    Power class: 1.6 to 7.5 A normally open contact resets automatically current sensitive with or without epoxy treatment with connecting cables Mylar®-Nomex® cap

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