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Fox Mecc S.r.l.

“Fox Mecc S.r.l. designs and manufactures automatic systems for bonding and installing permanent magnets. Continuous research and development of new components and new technologies has enabled the performance and reliability of our machines to be improved, while at the same time decreasing the amount of maintenance required.
Great attention is also paid to the safety of people and property. All these factors contribute to making Fox Mecc the ideal partner for companies that manufacture electric motors!”

The Products Fox Mecc S.r.l.

  • Samples and pilot series production

      Years of experience in manufacturing automatic assembly machines has enabled us to have first-hand experience with numerous types of rotor and to become experts in the application and bonding of magnets. These skills are at the service of…

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  • Rotor Banding Machines

      Rotors with surface permanent magnets often require banding to ensure that the assembly is structurally sound. Generally, the products used are pre-impregnated glass fibre tapes, such as Polyglass manufactured by Von Roll, which not only ensure good mechanical…

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  • Machines for assembling permanent magnet rotors

      The electric motor industry is intensifying its focus on brushless motors in order to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the best possible speed control. Progress has led to a number of changes in electrical windings, but…

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