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Enamelled Copper Wire

With factories all around the world, ESSEX is a global player in the production of winding wires for electrical machines.
Since 1952 it has been offering a range of high quality products, especially enamelled aluminium and copper wires and flat wires, and transposed cables.


  • Transposed cable

    The transposed cable consists of a group of strips, connected in parallel at their ends, in which each of them subsequently and repeatedly assumes all the possible positions within the total section of the conductor.

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  • Flat wires

    Enamelled copper or aluminium flat wires, taped or spiralled with insulating glass or glass/polyester.

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  • Round Wire

    Enamelled copper or aluminium wire, known by their well-known commercial names MAGNESOL, MAGNETEMP and MAGNEBOND.

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