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Encapsulation resins

Encapsulation resins are used when a high resistance to chemical agents, high thermal conductivity and high bonding strength are required.


  • Two component polybutadiene resins for encapsulation

    A speciality of the Von Roll / Dolph group. Essentially, a variant of the polyurethane resins with the additional advantages of being flexible at low temperatures, highly moisture resistant and low cost compared to silicon resins.

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  • Two component polyurethane resins

    The two component polyurethane resins represent the best choice for the protection and encapsulation of electronic components in general. Fast curing times, medium flexibility and low shrinkage are just some of their main features.

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  • Two-component epoxy resins for encapsulation

    Epoxy resins are two-component systems with cross-linking at room temperature or when heated. Available in different versions according to the application. These products are suitable for coating and encapsulation applications for motors in which a high temperature class, good heat dissipation and general chemical and mechanical protection are required.

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