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Machines for assembling permanent magnet rotors


The electric motor industry is intensifying its focus on brushless motors in order to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the best possible speed control.

Progress has led to a number of changes in electrical windings, but the most significant changes concern the rotors: the use of permanent magnets has not only changed the design of the laminations, but has also introduced new issues related to the use of adhesives, banding tapes and assembly in general.
FoxMecc, with its 15 years of experience in the brushless motor sector, produces machines for automating the insertion of magnets onto rotors. It offers a full range of solutions ranging from manual equipment to fully automatic lines.

We have experience with all the main types of magnetic materials, adhesives and types of rotors, whether they are IPM, SPM or special. We work with both “new” magnets and those that are already magnetized. We can install magnetizing machines, ovens and plastification, over moulding and end-of-cycle quality control systems in our machines.
Our expertise has become a standard of guarantee, but each customer represents a new custom project for us, so get us involved in the early development stages of your project.