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RADOX® conductors for the OIL & GAS industry


The extensive RADOX® MFH-S cable range meets the most challenging demands for products both on ships and on oil and gas platforms.

Unlike competing products, RADOX® MFH-S cables can transmit both energy and signals.

With sections of up to 6 mm2 and more than 70 versions, HUBER+SUHNER covers a vast range of applications ranging from data transmission in control systems to power systems for lighting or marine diesel engines. Compared to other products on the market, RADOX® MFH-S cables are up to three times thinner and much lighter.

They are also approved for use at temperatures from -50 to +90° C.

The cables also have a particularly high abrasion and vibration resistance and have a very small bending radius. A “Motion Test” has confirmed the flexibility and resistance of this range of cables after more than a million bending cycles. The entire RADOX® MFH-S line of products can therefore be used in for applications that involve movement, such as cranes or drilling platforms. The high resistance of the cables to mud, diesel, oil, ozone, hydrolysis and weathering makes them particularly suitable for use in harsh conditions that are typical of oil and gas platforms.
They are “Flame Retardant” and meet the IEC and EN 45545 fire safety requirements. They can therefore be used in zones 0, 1 and 2 (ex zones 0, 1, 2) and safety zones. The entire product line is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), NEK 606 and Germanischer Lloyd.

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