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Two component polybutadiene resins for protective coatings

The two component polybutadiene resins represent the best choice for the protection and encapsulation of electronic components in general. Fast curing times, medium flexibility and low shrinkage are just some of their main features.

DOLPHON CB-1128 is a product formulated to replace epoxy and silicone compounds for the protection and encapsulation of electric motors.
This particular flexible compound hardens to form a tough and resistant coating that protects windings from corrosion by aggressive chemicals and moisture. DOLPHON CB-1128 is particularly resistant to abrasion because it absorbs the impact of metallic dust.
DOLPHON CB-1128 is applied by brush or by spraying and forms a protective coating that has the following main properties:

  • Impact absorbent and abrasion resistant elastic film
  • Good thermal conductivity that helps to dissipate over-temperatures
  • Superior resistance to water and wet steam transmission
  • Flexibility at high and low temperatures prevents cracking
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion due to aggressive chemicals including acids and alkalis

Recommended uses:
This tough, flexible coating is recommended for the protection of motors and electrical equipment that has to operate in harsh environments such as quarries, mines, cement works, steel mills, meat processing plant, dairies, breweries, paper mills and chemical plant.