PTC Thermistors

PTC Thermistors

PTC thermistors are resistors in which the value of resistance increases with increasing temperature, due to the semi-conductive properties of the materials they are made of.

They can be used for various functions, including inrush current limitation, temperature measurement and protection of electrical equipment.

The PTC thermistors we propose are used in the protection of electrical machines (motors, generators, transformers) and are based on a sudden increase in the resistance value, at a chosen temperature.

We have chosen EPCOS – TDK products because they have always represented the yardstick for other manufacturers. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers of PTC thermistors use the sensitive elements produced by EPCOS – TDK in their probes.

The PTC thermistors we offer are available in the SINGLE or TRIPLE version and have the following characteristics:

  • UL approval on all products (file E69802)
  • Cold resistance less than 100Ohm (Single) and 300Ohm (Triple)
  • Compliance with DIN VDE V 0898-1-401
  • Color coding of the cables according to DIN VDE V 0898-1-401
  • RoHS-compatible
  • Insulating Test Voltage 2.5 kV AC