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The details make the difference, even for electric windings. This is why we have selected high quality materials to meet the requirements of the electromechanical industry, offering accessories such as insulating sleeving, fibreglass profiles and products, adhesive tapes and anti-condensation heaters.


  • Insulation Sleeving

      Electrical insulation sleeving is widely used in the windings of electric motors to insulate junctions, leads and live wires. Miotti has selected the best quality available on the market – TEXPOL – and guarantees: Narrow mesh glass fibre sleeving made with very fine yarns to ensure dimensional constancy. Uniform impregnation with well-polymerized and well-distributed

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  • Adhesive Tapes for Electric Machines

      The live parts of motor, generator and transformer windings often need to be protected by the addition of insulating material. This can be achieved by using dielectric adhesive tapes that also allow to the cables or thermal protectors to be secured. The adhesive materials used must be suitable for the temperatures reached during the

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  • Anti-condensation Heaters for Electric Machines

      Our anti-condensation heaters are U L– CSA approved The anti-condensation heaters provide low cost protection against the formation of condensation in rotating electrical equipment. They are strongly recommended for use in electric motors, generators and alternators that operate in humid conditions, such as offshore applications, marine equipment, overhead cranes, borehole pumps and for all

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  • Products for Windings

      Our range is completed with winding products ranging from glass fibre wedges to special laminated sheets, from waxed twine to circuit breakers, from shrink tubes to lubricants for copper wires. Contact us to learn about our full range.

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