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Electrically insulating impregnation resins

Today, the impregnation process has taken on a key role in the design and construction of electrical equipment. Finding the right product and the right treatment process enables you to obtain the required mechanical strengths and electrical resistances while complying with environmental and safety standards. This is where Miotti can be of service, your experienced partner to whom the Von Roll group has entrusted the responsibility of the market for Central and Northern Italy. Test equipment installed in our Technical Laboratory allows us to integrate the basic knowledge provided by Von Roll with dedicated tests that take into account the specifics of each individual application.


  • Solvent based varnishes for impregnation

    Solvent-based varnishes will be used less and less in the future because of their high solvent content and consequent emission into the atmosphere. They will still however, have an important role in the future because there are undisputed advantages due to their excellent tank stability, their ease of handling and good overall characteristics. Ideal for

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  • Water based varnishes

    The range of water-based varnishes was developed to meet the ever-more urgent requirements to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and safety in the workplace; without forgetting the growing need to improve mechanical bonding and insulation of the latest generation motors and transformers. Water-based varnishes are ideal for: immersion impregnation at atmospheric pressure roll dip/roll through

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  • Low VOS content resins

    The low VOS content resins have a high reactivity and low viscosity with reactive monomers. Their versatility and proven reliability in situations that require high productivity and good performance at low cost makes them ideal for: immersion impregnation at atmospheric pressure trickle impregnation roll dip/roll through impregnation vacuum impregnation vacuum pressure impregnation

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  • VOS free resins

    The VOS free resins for impregnation have been developed over the last 15 years to minimize emissions into the atmosphere. The high viscosity and the lower reactivity of low VOC (Volatile Organic Substance) content resins generally means that the impregnation and curing cycles have to be set up very accurately. Ideal for: immersion impregnation at

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