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RADOX conductors for electric windings

RADOX® cables are highly valued in the electrical windings sector for the ease with which they can be processed, their mechanical strength and their incredible capacity to withstand temperature peaks that are well above their temperature class (up to 250°C In the case of RADOX 155 and RADOX UL 3289).

They also have a small outside diameter, a high soldering resistance and a high current capacity.
The most commonly used types are RADOX 125 (Halogen free), RADOX 155, RADOX UL 3266 and RADOX UL 3289.

In certification body specifications (e.g. UL, CSA etc.) they are identified as XLPE or XLPO cables in order to classify them according to their polyethylene chemical composition and their cross-linking characteristics.

Discover the range:

  • RADOX 125
  • RADOX 155
  • RADOX UL 3266
  • RADOX UL 3289