Miotti doesn’t limit itself to simply supplying components for electric machines. It also offers customized solutions capable of meeting customer requirements. This is also thanks to a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and continuous training.

We can assist our customers in customizing the final product by working with them to design the best solution and to suggest the best combination of components to achieve the required results.

This allows us to work together from the very early stages by pursuing a common target: to achieve the maximum efficiency of the component and the best performance of the final product in which it is installed, avoiding functional issues a priori due to the wrong choice of component.


The Co-Design method adopted by Miotti encompasses a series of interlinked activities:

1. Meet and get to know the customer and his new project

2. Analyse the required performance, technical specifications, production cycle and expected costs

3. Propose a selection of components and deliver the sample to the customer for testing

4. Provide advice on the choice of assembly machines that are the most suitable for production

5. Carry out testing at the customer’s premises or at Miotti’s technical workshop

6. Compare the expected project data with actual data

7. Specify the method of delivery

8. Verify the degree of customer satisfaction