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Radox® Cables

RADOX®, the registered trademark of HUBER+SUHNER, synonymous with quality and high performance cables.
The RADOX® cable insulation undergoes “cross-linking” i.e. creating bonds between the various chains of polymers that make up the insulation material. This results in a structure that is resistant to mechanical stresses and temperature peaks that are well above their temperature class. During the production process, the cable is bombarded with electron beams in the form of Beta rays that transform the RADOX® into a “Cross-linked XLPE polyethylene” (or XLPO).

Miotti keeps large stocks of RADOX® cables available in its warehouse. Customers can rely on quick deliveries and support for special applications.

Advantages of RADOX® cables:

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • High current capacity
  • Strong and abrasion resistant
  • Highly flexible
  • Good workability
  • Thinner insulation
  • Light and compact


  • RADOX conductors for electric windings

    RADOX® cables are highly valued in the electrical windings sector for the ease with which they can be processed, their mechanical strength and their incredible capacity to withstand temperature peaks that are well above their temperature class (up to 250°C In the case of RADOX 155 and RADOX UL 3289). They also have a small

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  • RADOX® conductors for railways

      HUBER+SUHNER has been operating in the railway sector for many years and offers a wide range of products that form the basis for building modern rail vehicles. The proven technologies are renewed every year to meet the stringent requirements of the industry and to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. Our services are

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  • RADOX® conductors for the automotive industry

      A specific range of RADOX® cables designed by HUBER+SUHNER for the automotive industry. The increase in engine efficiency, lower fuel consumption and ever-greater space constraints result in increasingly higher temperatures in the engine compartment. Temperature peaks from -70 to +200°C (3000 h) have become commonplace for many applications in the automotive field. Every day,

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  • RADOX® conductors for the OIL & GAS industry

      The extensive RADOX® MFH-S cable range meets the most challenging demands for products both on ships and on oil and gas platforms. Unlike competing products, RADOX® MFH-S cables can transmit both energy and signals. With sections of up to 6 mm2 and more than 70 versions, HUBER+SUHNER covers a vast range of applications ranging

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