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Dolph’s Von Roll

Von Roll is the world’s leading company in the field of insulation systems for high voltage equipment. Together, Von Roll and John C. Dolph’s are able to supply varnishes and resins for electrical insulation and the general protection of low, medium and high voltage equipment whether they are rotating machines, motors, generators or transformers. A wide range of protective coatings, which are resistant to external agents, and encapsulation resins for electronic boards, sensors, capacitors and electrical equipment in general is also available.

The Products Dolph’s Von Roll

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  • Electrically insulating impregnation resins

    Today, the impregnation process has taken on a key role in the design and construction of electrical equipment. Finding the right product and the right…

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  • Encapsulation resins

    Encapsulation resins are used when a high resistance to chemical agents, high thermal conductivity and high bonding strength are required.

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  • Protective coatings

    Protective coatings are used to provide additional protection against aggressive external agents or to reinforce fragile components. The protective coatings can be of different types…

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