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Electric evolution: the new Miotti website

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard on creating a tool that could be useful, obviously, and to create value for our customers. We are therefore proud to present our website and new image.

Every day, we support the technological advancement of our customers by offering innovative solutions for the success of their businesses, thanks to our team’s expertise. Innovation is an attitude for us. That’s why our new pay-off is “Electric Evolution”: an innovation from the electrical core that never loses sight of tension towards ever-evolving components but also the growth of ideas and projects that are leaving their embryonic state and finally taking form.

A restyling that starts with the desire to renew our image to make it consistent with the values of innovation and continuous evolution that have always inspired us.

We’ve put our face to a modern look and feel, with new content and functionality, as well as simple and intuitive navigation that is perfectly usable even from your mobile: these are the ingredients of our new website.

To design an experience that was really built around the needs of our customers, we decided to start with them: we interviewed them and defined content and functionality of the website based on their needs. We therefore give thanks to our customers above all who have helped us implement this tool.

We are therefore dedicated to the organization of content, starting from our offer: from the product catalogue and customer service, to the partner brands we work with and carefully select. What we’re publishing today on the new website is the first part of this work. We have built a rich catalogue structured by product type and reference brand from which you can access product sheets with images and technical specifications. In the coming months, we will also be working on product benefits for functionality and application.

Not only the products, but also the people with their expertise and services are the real value of our offer: that’s why we have dedicated great space on our website to the co-design team, to the lab where our customers can test products, to our warehouse and to our post-sales assistance.

Furthermore, our 65 year old Italian company has been active in the field of electric motors for three generations: we therefore wanted to dedicate an area of our site to our history and to the protagonists of yesterday and today.

Not just to history, but also to faces: We’ve been involved with all of our team, trying to capture some of the most significant moments of our business life: customer relations, design, laboratory testing, the warehouse, assistance etc. We wanted to show our faces to create a genuine, transparent communication that truly shows who we are and what we do.

And it’s just the beginning: like our company, the website is still evolving. Soon there will also be other languages to speak to all of our main markets. There will also be new features and content released in the coming months in order to offer you a complete and satisfying browsing experience.

In the meantime, happy browsing!

The Miotti team