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Pedrollo News: They’re writing about us

The presentation on our company in Pedrollo News No. 2 filled us with great satisfaction and pride!


We always aim to discover and understand the needs of our customers, to offer them innovative solutions that are functional to technological progress demands.

Pedrollo S.p.a. represents excellence in our industry, based on innovation and the constant reinvestment of the profits made.

The fundamental value is respect for customers, suppliers, employees and people in need.

The Pedrollo brand can be found in over 160 countries and attests to the best Italian entrepreneurial skills that bring together the obvious demands of economic success with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and attachment to the territory.

I’d like to thank our friends at Pedrollo S.p.a. for this important testimonial of esteem, which drives us to pursue the goals we have set ourselves with perseverance. – Antonio Rodeghiero

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