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Two component polybutadiene resins for encapsulation

A speciality of the Von Roll / Dolph group. Essentially, a variant of the polyurethane resins with the additional advantages of being flexible at low temperatures, highly moisture resistant and low cost compared to silicon resins.

DOLPHON CB-1109 is a flexible resin used as a substitute for silicone, urethane and epoxy resins. Its electrical and physical characteristics make it particularly suitable for the encapsulation, filling and coating of electrical equipment where flexibility is required.

The main characteristics of DOLPHON CB-1109 are:

  • Flexibility
  • Thermal shock resistant, more than 30 cycles.
  • Hydrolysis resistant (100°C and 95% U.R.)
  • Low wet steam transmission.
  • Excellent electrical properties, minimal variations across the temperature range.
  • Repairable, components can be removed or replaced.
  • Low shrinkage and low stress during curing, delicate components are not damaged.
  • Easy mixing and casting, possibility of automatic or manual distribution.
  • Hardening at room temperature, hardens well in either thick sections or thin layers.
  • Low viscosity, easily distributed around the components.
  • Good adhesive properties, adheres to most materials used in electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents and abrasion, resistant to degreasing solvents.
  • Lower cost compared to silicone resins.

DOLPHON CC-1120 is a two-component filling compound, which cures at room temperature. It has a low viscosity and is easy to apply. It is especially recommended for filling magnets, the encapsulation of transformers and for all types of electronic equipment.
This product causes virtually no stress or strain on components even at very low temperatures and remains flexible down to -50°C. DOLPHON CC-1120 can be easily removed and repaired. Its clear and transparent amber colour allows parts to be identified through the thin layers of resin.

The main features of DOLPHON CC-1120 are:

  • Good mixing ratio.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Low viscosity for easy casting.
  • It can be cast over quartz or fillers.
  • Long pot-life – can be used for vacuum impregnation and filling.
  • Cures at room temperature.
  • Very low shrinkage.
  • Easy to remove and repair.
  • Excellent electrical characteristics (high insulation resistance, low dielectric constant and low loss factor) at low or high temperatures.

DOLPHON CN-1130 is an elastomeric compound that is particularly suitable for the filling and encapsulation of electrical equipment where self-extinguishing properties are required.
It complies with the self-extinguishing properties required by the UL-94, V-0 (6 mm) specification.
DOLPHON CN-1130 can substitute silicone resins for the encapsulation of delicate components with the advantage of having a lower cost and better electrical properties, without forgetting its excellent resistance to chemical agents. This resin provides electrical and electronic equipment with exceptional protection even in harsh environments.

The main characteristics of DOLPHON CN-1130 are:

  • Self-extinguishing
  • Compliant with UL-94, V-0 (6mm)
  • Very flexible
  • Elastomeric, replaces silicone rubbers
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis
  • Exceptional resistance to chemical agents
  • Minimum shrinkage
  • Very low stresses during curing
  • Does not damage delicate components
  • Repairable
  • Excellent resistance to thermal swings