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Two-component epoxy resins for encapsulation

Epoxy resins are two-component systems with cross-linking at room temperature or when heated. Available in different versions according to the application. These products are suitable for coating and encapsulation applications for motors in which a high temperature class, good heat dissipation and general chemical and mechanical protection are required.

DOLPHON CB-1078 is a black epoxy compound for the casting and encapsulation of coils, transformers and electrical and electronic equipment.
The main features of DOLPHON CB-1078 are:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Good electrical properties
  • Low shrinkage
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Low exothermicity during curing
  • Low cost

DOLPHON CC-1024/A is a medium viscosity modified epoxy resin, without fillers, suitable for impregnating, filling and encapsulating coils, transformers and electronic components.
The main features of DOLPHON CC-1024/A are:

  • Good electrical properties
  • Good penetration and reduced dripping during curing
  • Excellent resistance to low temperature test cycles
  • Excellent resistance to water and chemical agents
  • Possibility of room temperature and oven curing

DOLPHON CR-1035 is a red low viscosity liquid epoxy resin containing a suitable percentage of fillers that cures at room temperature and is specially formulated for the impregnation and encapsulation of transformers and electronic components.

The main features of DOLPHON CR-1035 are:

  • Low viscosity and good wetting properties
  • Good penetration using the vacuum pressure process
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Excellent electrical and physical properties
  • Good moisture resistance
  • The cured resin is easily machinable

DOLPHON C(a)-1114 is a self-extinguishing, filled, halogen-free two-component, epoxy system. It has good mechanical and thermal characteristics together with good penetration.

It is widely used to encapsulate and impregnate windings, transformers, capacitors and electrical components. It is available on request in various colours.

Its main features are as follows:

  • Excellent resistance to thermal cycles
  • Good electrical properties
  • Good water resistance
  • Low shrinkage
  • Self-extinguishing, UL 94-V0
  • Suitable for class H applications
  • Included in UL Insulation System
  • Good heat dissipation
  • EN 45545-2 approved
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