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Inauguration of the building

The inauguration of the new office building on 18th December 2015 marked an important step in the growth path of Miotti.

In order to survive and establish oneself in a highly competitive industry, it is crucial to acquire significant size and to be structured in such a way as to effectively support the high levels of service required by customers.

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With this goal, we decided to build a new office building to grow our company and add skills and resources to our team.

With every step forward, it’s important to preserve your own history, and ours is written in the old warehouse bricks and beams, built piece by piece by Mr. Miotti, and that’s why we wanted to preserve the essence of the years past in the construction of the new building while adding new elements that project us into the future.

Of course, LED lighting and air filtration systems were not around in his time, but Mr. Miotti was curious and attentive to new technologies and would certainly appreciate these small innovations and feel at home in the new building as he did in the old warehouse.

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