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Miotti chooses safety: we now have a defibrillator on site

 A life-saving device to protect the whole team.

5% of heart stoppages occur at the workplace.

A percentage that, translated into numbers, is equivalent to 70 workers affected by heart attacks a week in the workplace.

Current legislation on Safety in the Workplace (Law 81/08) does not require semi-automated defibrillators of companies but Miotti, in line with its philosophy, has chosen to protect its employees by providing this life-saving device available on the premises.

“We strongly believe that the most precious asset of our company are people and not things” – Antonio Rodeghiero, owner

For this reason, we have chosen to increase the sense of safety of our employees by having an automatic defibrillator on site and to give them an immediate response when needed in the lively hope that it will always just be an ornament.

Furthermore, each year, we will provide all our guys with the means and knowledge to deal with situations requiring heart massage, artificial respiration and defibrillation to make life inside and outside the company as safe as possible.

Every day, our collaborators deliver enthusiasm and commitment, knowing that there is no single success without the success of the whole team.

And today, Miotti is not only synonymous with security, collaboration and enthusiasm, but also with safety.